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Satisfied customers say more about Cooper than we ever can. Here you will find a selection of testimonials our customers have been kind enough to write after working with us.

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"Cooper bearings last longer than the competition and the service provided by Cooper is also superior."
Director of custom engineering, an electric motor division, a global industrial automation company in the US

"This is to confirm that Cooper Bearings is our fully approved supplier. We have, for many years, used Cooper Split Roller Bearings on equipment supplied to various industries where quality and ease of maintenance is a critical element of the working environment."
A handling technology business based in the UK

"We hereby certify that we have been using the Cooper Split Roller Bearings in our works for the past 10 years and the bearings are working satisfactorily."
An operator of steel and power plants based in India

"The link spindle of a hot mill production line at our company has been using 650mm fixed Cooper bearing from June 2006. The performance has been good to date."
Hot mill equipment department, a steel works based in China

"We are a leading manufacturer of blower applications for vessels and in general industries. We have been specifying Cooper bearings for our fan equipment for a number of years and find them fit for purpose with proven levels of mechanical reliability. They are our current recommended supplier of bearings for blower equipment in vessel applications"
Sales manager, a fan and blowers manufacturer based in Japan

"We have been using Cooper split cylindrical roller bearing for years without any problems."
Purchasing manager, an aluminium manufacturer based in Germany

"Our company manufactures confectionery both for our local market and export. One of our main manufacturing machines is a chocolate conch.
It was purchased in 1956 and despite running the machine eighteen hours a day, this is the first year we have had to change the main roller bearings.
This is surely testimony to the excellent standard of your Cooper 01 split bearing. We would also like to thank you for the assistance given in finding replacement bearings. It is certainly a pleasure to deal with a company whose staff is both knowledgeable and dedicated.
Thank you once again."

Purchasing manager, a confectionery manufacturer in Australia

"Our Offshore Service Vessels Division has been using COOPER bearings on our offshore vessels for years. Our needs range from small to large bore units that have always provided excellent performance. We are well satisfied with the products as well as the engineering and service we receive from Cooper."
Offshore service vessels operator based in the US

"We presently use Cooper Bearings on a large number of applications throughout our cement making process both in the UK and internationally. Cooper Bearings are specifically named as our approved suppliers of bearings. We have a number of specific examples where the application of such bearings has beneficially affected plant performance
A global cement giant based in the UK

"This is to certify that we have been using Cooper split roller bearings at our plant for Grate Cooler Application for the past five years. We are satisfied with the performance of Cooper Bearings and are also actively discussing incorporating Cooper Split Roller Bearings for other applications in our plant."
General manager (mechanical), a cement plant in India

"Cooper bearings play an important role in assuring continuity of operations at our plant. They are being used in critical applications, such as raw material breakers or ball mills. In some applications, we have successfully replaced the previously existing bearing units with the Cooper ones. As a result, we have achieved significant cost and time savings in operation and maintenance areas. Therefore, we can with no hesitation recommend Cooper bearings for all applications where downtime and associated cost are key issues."
Board of Directors, a cement plant based in Poland

"The slab continuous casting machine at our plant designed by an Italian OEM is using Cooper bearings. The performance has been good."
Equipment Department, a steel plant based in China

"We are a leading engineering supplier to the Sugar Industry worldwide. We have been specifying Cooper bearings for our rotating equipment for a number of years and find them fit for purpose with proven levels of mechanical reliability. They are our current recommended supplier of bearings for heavy duty, rotating equipment."
Senior design engineer, an OEM for the sugar industry based in the UK

"This is to certify that we have been using Cooper split roller bearings for the main drive assembly of the grate coolers being manufactured by us. These bearings are working satisfactorily in all the cement projects supplied by us.
We have no hesitation in recommending the usage of Cooper split roller bearings for this application."

General manager, a cement industry equipment supplier based in India

"The 4.3M wide and heavy plate slab continuous casting machine at our plant designed by an Italian OEM is using Cooper roller bearings. The performance has been good."
Purchasing Department, a steel works based in China

"The out board (expansion) bearing on our 250T sand cooler was replaced every three years. We installed the Cooper bearing in August 2007 and the bearing continues to perform as normal. The superior sealing and the unique method of taking expansion through the roller has increased the bearing life in this application."
Maintenance supervisor, a cast iron foundry based in the US

"Cooper bearings play a vital role in keeping production at an optimum level, by providing bearings to operate in critical applications throughout the plant, such as chain conveyors, cooling fans or screw conveyors. Given the success achieved by converting applications to Cooper bearings and in order to assist in reducing our maintenance downtime we have adopted a programme to convert to Cooper bearings wherever possible and to specify Cooper bearings on new applications being introduced into the plant, conveyors in particular.
We therefore have complete confidence in recommending Cooper bearings for applications where downtime and maintenance are key issues."

Works engineer, a cement plant based in the UK

"In the year 2010, after many years and numerous attempts to solve problems with scroll conveyor bearings, we eventually decided to use Cooper bearings on this application. Thanks to the outstanding technical advice by Cooper, the selected bearings proved to be a perfect solution. It has been a great pleasure to co-operate with a business whose employees are so devoted to solving their customers' problems."
Maintenance manager, a sanitary ware manufacturer based in Poland

"We have been using a Cooper water-cooled 130mm bearing on the driving shaft of a con-caster production line at our plant from June 2004. The performance is good and the accumulative output is over 2,000,000 tons."
Equipment department, a steel manufacturer based in China

"We presently use Cooper roller bearings on a large number of applications throughout the plant namely, raw material conveyors (belt), elevators, ball mills (raw material & coal), fans, rotary kiln drive pinion, clinker conveyors (belt – drag chain – pan type, etc.).
The Cooper bearings on the above applications have been operating successfully for many years - and in some cases thirty years - without the bearings being changed.
On many occasions Original Equipment Manufacturers have at our request fitted Cooper bearings to their equipment in preference to their choice of bearing. This is now accepted by our Project Department as a "Works Standard" requirement.
We also undertook a large number of conversions of screw conveyors in the plant, changing to Cooper hanger bearings from brass and steel brushes. Some of the screws are up to 1000mm in diameter with journal sizes of 80mm, 90mm, 125mm and 140mm. To date bearings have lasted four years without the need for change.
Cooper bearings are considered to be an essential item in the operation and maintenance of the plant."

Engineering manager, a cement plant based in the UK


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Combining more than a century of world leading bearing technology, from SKF self-aligning knowledge and Cooper split roller bearing expertise, SKF Cooper are excited to announce the launch of the new split spherical roller bearing range, available in open (unsealed) and sealed versions.

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