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Water Cooled Units

Water-cooled bearing units for continuous casting machines are generally customised to individual applications. Bearings are of the 071 or 081 Series, which are designed specifically for this type of application. The general features of a typical design are illustrated above.

Bearings of the type illustrated may also be applied to other slow moving applications (generally under 15rpm) where a high capacity bearing is required in a compact envelope.

If you wish to specify Cooper water-cooled bearing units, or bearings of the 071 or 081 Series, please contact our technical department with details of the application.


The SKF Cooper Quick-Change Angled Pedestal Turns 50

SKF Cooper Bearings is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its popular angled pedestal. Cooper invented the angled pedestal for a cement kiln pinion shaft application in 1968 before the company's competitors were even founded

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