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Other industries

Cooper split to the shaft bearings are found wherever reliability, flexibility and an ability to handle difficult conditions is required.

The steel, mining, marine and conventional power industries, and manufacturers of building materials all trust Cooper bearings to deliver - day after day after day.

We can also be found playing a key role in:

  • Processing of aluminium and other metals
  • Quarrying
  • Water treatment
  • Paper
  • Forestry
  • The food industry including brewing
  • Farming and fishing
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing

and many other demanding industrial settings.

If you would like to discuss how Cooper bearings could benefit your specific industry, please feel free to contact us at any time.


The SKF Cooper Quick-Change Angled Pedestal Turns 50

SKF Cooper Bearings is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its popular angled pedestal. Cooper invented the angled pedestal for a cement kiln pinion shaft application in 1968 before the company's competitors were even founded

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