Cooper US Catalogue

OUTER HOUSING FEATURES BEM Base ends machined. This may be followed by machined length, e.g.: BEM 500mm. S1 Reduced swivel clearance between outer housing and cartridge. SLUB Lubrication to spherical seat. Guidance On Ordering And Part Codes For outer housings made in material other than standard, letters are interposed between the letter(s) designating the housing type (e.g. ‘P’ for pillow block, ‘F’ for flange or ‘RET’ for rod-end T-type) and the size designation. Taking the example of a P06 pillow block: PN06 indicates a P06 in nodular (ductile) iron PS06 indicates a P06 in steel PA06 indicates a P06 in aluminum Ductile iron and steel versions of an RET06 would be designated RETN06 and RETS06 respectively. Numbers may be suffixed to bearing, cartridge or outer housing designations indicating a combination of special features or parts to special dimensions. P 185