Cooper US Catalogue

SPECIAL FEATURES Suffix characters may be used to indicate special features. Examples include: BEARING FEATURES C2/C3/C5 Special clearances as explained on page 10. AF Axial float. This is preceded by the amount of axial float, e.g.: 2mm AF. AL(D)F Aluminum cage with (double) flange (usually race riding). AP Air/grease purge points. CHAM Special chamfer to inner race bore. This is followed by size of chamfer, e.g. (to indicate 7mm x 45° chamfer): CHAM 7. EXILOG Bearing with fixed type outer race and floating inner race (see page 6). FR Full complement of rollers (no cage). GM Gunmetal / brass / bronze cage. GM(D)F Gunmetal / brass / bronze cage with (double) flange (usually race riding). GROSL Single lipped outer race (see page 5). OSO Outer race set out (particularly for large bearings where outer race is usually retained in housing by radial screws). XJR Joint relief (to allow inner race to be mounted in recess). ZN Zinc alloy cage. CARTRIDGE FEATURES BOBP Bolt-on blanking plate. BOBT Bolt-on blanking plate with thrust bearing. BP/BT/BPTL/BTTL See page 28. IH Inspection hole (for measuring position of inner race of expansion bearings once assembled). OB Overbore (cartridge end bore is larger than bearing bore). This is followed by end bore size, using same format as bearing bore reference, e.g.: OB 207 or O.B 65M (or OB 65mm). TE Drilled for temperature indicator element. OIL LUB Oil lubricated. Guidance On Ordering And Part Codes References to special seal types (some of which require special cartridges) can be found on page 26. A letter may succeed the ‘C’ in the cartridge designation to indicate that the cartridge is made from non-standard material. taking the examples of 01 C 60M and 01 C 03 as examples: 01 CN 60M and 01 CN 03 would indicate nodular (ductile) iron. 01 CS 60M and 01 CS 03 would indicate steel. 01 CA 60M and 01 CA 03 would indicate aluminum. P 184