Cooper US Catalogue

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? We provide totally split to the shaft roller bearings with totally split to the shaft components. Every Cooper component including bearing & cage assemblies, cartridges, pedestals, inner and outer races and our triple labyrinth seals are split to the shaft for easy installation. And, if we don’t already make it, our skilled Engineers can work with you to produce a custom made split roller bearing solution to solve your unique application problem. Ease of installation and maintenance makes the Cooper bearing an ideal solution for any application. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? With competition growing within your industry and margins being continually squeezed, we understand that for you and your customers achieving performance gains and running existing equipment to its full potential is increasingly important to stay ahead. We know that you or your customers can’t afford lost (or loss of) production time due to machinery downtime, whether it’s at scheduled maintenance times or through failures. The Cooper Bearings Group is always striving to provide you and your customers with the best value engineered products and solutions that will meet or exceed your needs. There is one proven answer to reducing production loss and machinery downtime expenses. That is the use of Cooper split roller bearings. IS A SPLIT REALLY THE ANSWER? Are you looking for a bearing solution that offers a longer bearing life? In comparison to a solid bearing, Cooper split roller bearings are often better adapted to the sometimes harsh environment they are required to work in. The superior sealing of the Cooper triple labyrinth seal retains lubrication and keeps contaminants from entering the bearing assembly, providing a longer bearing life. Are you looking for a bearing solution that is easy to install and maintain? In comparison to a solid bearing, where trapped locations are involved, Cooper split roller bearings are easier to install, inspect and maintain. Other equipment on the shaft, such as pumps, motors and gearboxes that may be on either side of a bearing, does not need to be removed for bearing replacement to take place. Due to the totally split components installation inspection and maintenance can be performed at a cost saving. Finally, do you want a bearing solution that isn’t going to cost a fortune? The Cooper split roller bearing reduces production downtime and reduces installation expenses as well as reducing power consumption. When the working life of a Cooper bearing is taken into account, the Cooper bearing is an extremely attractive investment. So if you’re tasked with increasing efficiency and cost savings, it’s job done with a Cooper split roller bearing! In the long run, Cooper offers a far more profitable solution compared to a solid, with far greater flexibility in design, ease of inspection, installation and maintenance solutions all without compromising performance. SERVICE SECOND TO NONE Cooper's ability to resolve customers needs through the technical skills and resources of our in-house Engineering team and our strong customer service and field support teams, or through our established network of skilled supply-chain partners is a key component to our success. Cooper Bearings Group offers a range of services that can provide solutions to your specific bearing questions, conditions and problems. • Our Engineering team can resolve technical issues rapidly and accurately addressing your maintenance and design needs • Remanufacture & Repair services provide an economical solution to replacing with new • Customer Service & Sales Specialist working to provide customers with solutions • Emergency after-hours support available • E-Business technology through distributor support on PTplace. Price & availability look-up 24/7 • Product Training tailored to your audience offered at your location Cooper Bearings Group is dedicated to our customers by supplying service offerings with solutions that provide operational efficiency and cost reductions that maximise uptime and performance with proven results and customer value.