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Continuous Casters

Cooper split to the shaft water-cooled continuous caster bearings are integral to steel making installations around the world. We create bearings to specific design requirements, always working closely with our steel manufacturing clients as well as OEMs to ensure every detail of the brief is met.

Hard work pays

The continuous caster environment is one of the most extreme imaginable, yet Cooper continuous caster bearings can be relied upon to last. On the upper segments they have returned over two million tons cast. On the lower segments – with a higher load rating – the average is one million tons.

Cooper continuous caster bearings make the difference in three key ways:

  1. Low profile housing. If your application requires close clearance, Cooper continuous caster water-cooled units feature a low profile housing for maximum cooling.
  2. Free axial movement. When roll lengths change due to variations in temperature, the rollers in the Cooper bearing move freely across the bore of the outer race in an almost frictionless movement.
  3. High level of engineering. Cooper rollers are carefully profiled to reduce stress concentration, whilst the housing is specially engineered to improve the load distribution on the rollers and maximize bearing life.
  4. Superior sealing. Laminar or Polymer seals mounted as single or double sets resist damage by scale particles and along with effective lubrication stop water getting into the housings and prolong the life of the bearing.

For more information about Cooper continuous caster bearings and how they could work in your individual application, please contact us at any time.


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